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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 9, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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boarder security laws. that was in december, do you agree? follow me on twitter we'll be all over that story. this is the "kelly file." this is a fox news alert, criticism continues to rain down on the obama administration after they negotiate a prison swap releasing five terrorists in exchange for bowe bergdahl. bergdahl is refusing to speak to his parents after being held as prisoner of war for five years. here is our very own jennifer. >> details that emerged that should have been private conversations between bergdahl and his doctors in recent days. we confirmed bergdahl has asked
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not to be called sergeant. he was promoted twice in captivity. he's been asked to be called private first class and doesn't want to speak to parents or family. u.s. official intelligence tells us bergdahl did not have any life-threatening diseases and are focussing mostly on his psychological health. bergdahl was reportedly held in a cage after trying to escape from his captors at least once. the indication is that he was tortured. the state department came out swinging today depending the swap saying the five prisoners released would have been released in good time anyway. >> we don't hold people longer than we have to. we have always said guantanamo bay hurts us. we'll continue working towards the goal. >> it would be offensive and incomprehensible to leave an
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american behind no matter what, to leave an american behind in the hands of people who would torture him, cut off his head, do any number of things and we would consciously choose to do that. >> bergdahl has been taking short walks around the hospital in germany. he could come home to san antonio, texas at any time. phycologically, they are weighing the timing, sean? >> jennifer, the state department we know puts -- raised questions last week in a press briefing in which they questioned the integrity and veracity of those platoon members speaking out and if you go to chuck todd's report with the swift boating of then sergeant and private bergdahl, they said white house officials were sourced for that. where are the leaks coming from? it seemshese are the leaks coming from people that want to advance a narrative?
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>> i think we're seeing a lot of leaks right now whether from the condition bergdahl is in or, you know, so there is a lot of leaking taking place. what i can tell you is that senior generals who were in afghanistan when these young men were serving with bergdahl tell me that they are sickened seeing the backlash against these unit members who they say they have known over the years and they say are very credible. >> jennifer, thank you. that is our focus tonight. after private bergdahl was released in exchange for five taliban terrorists, members were core raurageous enough to step forward and share what happened before and after beau walked off in 2009 and the white house has done everything in their power to discredit these brave men. here are a few of disgusting examples. there was an article entitled bergdahl was in unit known for its quote troubles. now the report starts by saying the platoon was an american
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official would assert years later raggedy. unfortunately, that's not all. listen to what democratic strategist donna brazil said yesterday. >> you had unit member after unit member after unit member come out with a consistent story and outraged and frankly offensive. >> a pr campaign -- >> no, it wasn't. >> yes, it was. >> they were out there -- >> soldiers serve their country. let's not discredit them. >> i will never discredit did a soldier as long as i'm a daughter of a korean veteran. so that is not the issue. >> let's not call it a pr campaign. >> it was -- >> no -- >> look, who sought to muddy the waters because that's all they do, candy. all they do is focus their rage against this president -- >> now you had a white house hud official tweet this, quote, here is the thing about bergdahl and the jump to conclusion mates, what if his platoon was long on
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psychopaths and short on leadership? if that wasn't bad enough, the obama administration is calling the platoon members liars. >> nobody knows what happen it is that night as facts eemerges. we'll see where that takes us. it happened five years ago. >> she had all this type, five years to derp if he's a deserter. >> he's been in captivity, lucas. he knows what best happened that night. >> i think his squad mates know -- >> i don't think that's the case. >> this must be one of the most disgusting examples of them all. listen to what the obama white house told chuck todd. listen to this. >> they did not expect this backlash on bergdahl themselves. aids said we didn't know they would swift boat bergdahl. >> joining us now is sergeant evan buto with us. welcome back to the program. >> thank you, thank you very much for having me. >> let's start with some reports
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because they are coming out fast and furious. at this point it's kind of odd to hear that private bergdahl wouldn't be talking to his parents, then of course you hear the report that he converted to islam and became a warrior of islam. what is your reaction to that? >> yeah, i definitely think it's odd he hasn't spoke ton his parents. i have no idea what kind of security or mental evaluations they are giving to him now being held with the taliban for five years. i know if it was he, the first thing i would want to do is call my parents. i can't make comments about his statement of mind or what is going on. it seems odd given the circumstances, definitely. >> have you been following attacks against you that you guys have swift boated bergdahl or that you guys were screw jups as "the new york times" suggested, who shouldn't be trusted. there seems to be a concerted
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effort to smear, attack all of you guys for telling the same story, which was he left of his own will. what is your reaction? >> i have a twitter account and definitely heard it on twitter, as well. what i have to say, some of it is true. there are stories that are coming out that are true, but they are half true. so they report part of it and leave everything up to everyone's imagination. they say we are undisciplined. they have no specifics. everyone draws their own conclusion which is completely unfair. yes, we had problems in our unit. we had -- every did pleployed u has problems. anyone that's gone through a deployment, you're in a hostile area. things arise within a unit, platoon, company and people have problems. the problems that the new york times are referring to is we
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were out at op, first initially building the op, we were digging bunkers. this was probably in -- this was in may probably early may and it was incredibly hot out. we were digging bunkers in the middle of afghanistan so soldiers were taking off bulletproof vests and helmets to not over heat and to make it easier to maneuver and dig holes. they would take off their jackets, and so they are just in a t-shirt and yes, we were very dirty. we looked very raggedy at that point. there was a reporter there taking pictures -- >> that does not seem undisciplined to me. that sounds like a platoon doing their work and even when the state department june jumped in and said his platoon mates are not a credible source, how could they make that suggest when you were the guys that were there? you're the ones that worked with him. you're the ones that knew the
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circumstance stans in which he . there is an m make in people's minds that you guys are something other than what you really were, brave soldiers doing a tough job. >> yeah, i couldn't attest to what their agenda is. like we've all said, we were there on the ground when it happened. we know the truth. i don't see them attacking our story as much as attacking our character. so i'm assuming they understand what we're saying is true or i think they would be attacking our story. what happened with us people not wearing their bulletproof vests and helmets and jackets, pictures were taken because someone was documenting what was going on. someone high up, a general or i don't know who saw those pictures, was very upset we weren't wearing our gear outside the wire and our battalion commander brought the hammer down telling us we were undisciplined. several soldiers got demoted and
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kicked out of the company for something that wasn't a big deal. yes, there was discipline problems if that's the way you look at it and soldiers got demoted for doing something that was wrong. i gus technically that would say that was wrong. that would not make someone walk off the post and seek the taliban. i have no idea how they connected those things. >> what is your reaction when the state department of the united states, all of you guys gear up and i think you did two deployments yourself, if i'm not mistaken, one in iraq, one in afghanistan. you gear up, put your life on the line for your country. you tell the truth about a platoon mate that you know, as you know the story. and then the state department of the united states calls you not a credible source and then you have people at the white house leaking to nbc news that you're swift boating private sergeant bergdahl. what is your reaction when your government turns on you like that? >> i don't feel like my
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government is turning on me. i do -- >> you don't think so? >> i -- >> it seems like they the are trying to shear you guys and assassinate your chakt characte >> we're not going away. we're staying here. we've had the same story. like i said before, i don't hear anyone trying to discredit the story that we're telling. they might try to discredit us like people, which is understandable and there is an answer for everything. they know the truth. >> evan, thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me, sean. >> breaking news on the obama white house's mission to close gitmo at any cost, kathryn is standing by in washington with the report on this developing story. also tonight, colonial oliver north and more on this busy news night here on
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this is a fox news alert. the bergdahl trade is raising questions about the desire to close gitmo and release more
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terrorists. kathryn is standing by in washington. under the conditions under which they judge this is insanity to me. explain it. >> the lack of congressional notification coupled with military assessments that the five men are high risk detainees has thrown up new obstacles. >> the political reality here is that this is the poster child of unintended consequences. it's had the exact opposite effect that is making it harder for them i think in the short term to do transfers. >> and one of the first actions as president, mr. obama signed an executive order in january 2009 promising to close the guantanamo camp within a year. they are glassing over the transfer and the president's stalled objective. the head of the committee that supports administration needs going forward chastised the white house. >> there were other options on the table, many cloassified tha
7:16 pm
never rose to discussion. ist not just getting the soldier. >> other critics say the president's public ex plan in addition that he seized the opportunity to free bergdahl is also revealing. >> they want to present a choice that either we let them go or bring them here and that really is not the choice. there is no reason they cannot be detained until they are dangerous and if that takes decades then it takes decades. >> bizarre details are coming to light as administration clears denine knees for transfer. an alleged member is embracing yoga and another, an alleged osama bin laden body guard wants to run a milk and honey farm. many are back for pretrial motions and no indication how administration plans to deal with the trial that could begin as early as next year and where
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to hold the men if they are convicted, sean. >> kathryn, thank you. if you want a milk or honey farm or love yoga or want a baby, desperate to empty guantanamo bay, by the end of his term he's giving get out of jail free cards. one captured in afghanistan is considered reform because he took up yoga, read a buy ogden fee of the dalai lama and one because of his encouraging attitude. "qua "counter fit lies," one of your best yet. >> it's the subtitle of the obama administration. what we're seeing played out here is a president who is doing more damage to the credibility of his country and to the office of the presidency than other
7:18 pm
bre predecessors. he's doing things in contrast to the best interest of the people and known as the man who did perhaps indelible damage and by the way, this tie is that of sean's son practice's school. >> they will be happy for the plug. wait a minute. we'll release more terrorists because he's reformed because he likes yoga, another wants a baby, one wants a milk and honey farm. >> they come up with excuses because they learned from their lawyers how to game the system. >> the koran mentions milk and honey. >> absolutely and deceiving the infidelity. >> you believe the network in spite of reports, these taliban terrorists. >> have nothing to do -- >> bergdahl -- by the way, you have bergdahl's bracelet. >> this is bergdahl's bracelet given to me by his mother. >> you wore this for how long? >> almost every day.
7:19 pm
he was not a prisoner of war, he was never held by the taliban. the network is a criminal enterprise. it's the sparanos on steroids. they held him. i know for certainty what they wanted had nothing to do with releasing they wanted money and so the question that needs to be answered and they stand up and ask it, was ransom paid to t? they are also terrorists network and that means somebody -- >> you think somebody paid money -- >> i have no doubt. >> because this is what they want and the taliban -- >> yeah. >> so did the taliban pay them or more likely the u.s. paid them? >> much more likely someone did it -- remember, up until the taliban opened the office -- >> so they paid -- >> or some qatar -- >> sure. or the must almost brotherhood. >> wow. >> any one of them. they were doing this for money,
7:20 pm
had nothing to do with anybody at gitmo. they have family members in prison that they have not asked. >> you heard our last guest. what do you think of trashing, slander -- >> i'm glad you asked. here is the answer to that. what has to happen is some senior united states army general who is in the chain of command for sergeant bergdahl needs to convene an article 32 investigation which is the military equivalent of a grand jury and put people under oath and fairness and justice demand this. >> but this is coming from the white house and state department and friends in the liberal media like "the new york times." this is an orchestrated slander campaign. he deserted. >> the only way for them to get justice, the only way for sergeant bergdahl to get justice, the only way for his family to get justice is the article 32 investigation and some united states army general had the courage to stand up and say i'm appointing that investigation. >> and you requested one for
7:21 pm
yourself once. >> i wanted a court marshall. 198 8 when the special prosecutor indicted me in washington d.c. i asked for a court marshall because it would be a jury of my peers. >> by the way, for those that write horrible things for you on internet, you were kpn rated of everything. >> no conviction. >> colonial, good to see you -- >> for father's day, go to oliver >> your best book and as close to life -- >> it's the subtitle for the obama administration, counter fit lies. >> oliver >> oliver a national security crisis e resulted at our boarder with mexico. when we come back, what the obama white house doesn't want you to hear and a "hannity" exclusive. we'll go inside the headquarters of duck commander. that and ben shapiro here on "hannity." peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business.
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7:25 pm
here to discuss the catastrophe, pat, tell me what would happen. i have a truck. i fill it with illegal immigrants and decide to drive into phoenix or tucson. i'm transporting them. what would happen? >> well, what should happen, you're violating the law and breaking and aiding and abetting criminal activity. i think you ought to be arrested and prosecuted. >> i would be arrested, handcuffed, perp walked and a mug shot with tmz, pat. >> you know what this testifies to? the whole idea that barack obama's defending the bearder is a canard. we had 211,000 come through in the last seven months, sean, in the rio grand valley and tucson area, something like 47,000 children, they are all awaiting the big amnesty that they think is going to come. >> why don't we do what mexico does? mexico lectures the u.s. how to treat illegal immigrants but
7:26 pm
yet, if somebody from central america goes to mexico, they are sent back immediately or put in jail. >> not only that, in mexico they are brutalized. we don't do that. what we ought to do, haven't we learned a single lesson in the last 25 years since this started? we need a boarder security fence along the boarder from san diego to brownsville. you need every ten miles, you ought to have a boarder patrol post there. it would cast a fraction of what we spent fighting wars and what is more dangerous to the united states of america? for example, what is going on in crimea but what is going on on the southwest boarder of the united states. >> why don't we do this, republicans ought to adopt a penny plan, balance the budget. have a consensus to obamacare, school choice and secure the boarder. where are those voices? now i keep hearing and reading
7:27 pm
republicans, that they are going to buy into an amnesty bill. why would they do that? >> that's what i asked. why in heaven's name would you reward people who came by the thousands, broke your laws, broke into your country and are now behaving illegally in the united states of america? why is the republican party doing it? sean, the only thing i can think of, they are afraid of media, bad publicity and want to get this off the table so they think it can help them. i think it's a disaster politics. you know -- >> the idea that obama can pick and choose who laws he chooses to a boy, that's what jonathan is referring to when he says we're at a constitutional tipping point. >> you know, why does he get away with it? we have a congress of the united states -- >> they are timid. >> sean, what bothers me is teddy roosevelt said it's a
7:28 pm
country, not a boardinghouse for the world and we are letting folks invade our home, walk into our home, and we won't even defend it or protect it. immigration, we agree folks come one at a time. we want to be americans. to have them walking across your yard into your house in the millions and do nothing about it, that tells you about the united states of america. something not so good in the year 2014. >> anarchy, the rule of law mean nothing right now. pat, thanks for being with us. >> thank you, sean. >> i play one on one basketball. you'll see it and my exclusive interview with willie robertson. that's coming up tonight on "hannity." ♪ [ male announcer ] out here, answers should always outweigh excuses. ♪ and there's no excuse why a gas-powered heavy-duty truck
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with respect to how we announced it, i think it was
7:34 pm
important for people to understand that this is not some abstraction. it's not a political football. >> a favorite phrase for the fire storm surrounding the bergdahl trade but not the first time he turned to the political football defense in the face of controversy. take a look. >> it is important that our veterans don't become another political football. and the more the average american who already has health insurance sees it is not affecting them in an adverse way, then it becomes less of a political football, which is where i want it to be. this shouldn't be a political fool bat. unfortunately, the federal budget is a political football in washington. prankly, the designer on some to make this into a political football. they don't want this to become some, some political football in governor romney's tv ad and i
7:35 pm
couldn't agree more. >> joining me now, the author of "special heart." brett, how are you? good to see you. >> sean, good to see you. >> all right. we have very different roles. you're an objective reporter in every sense of the word and i'm a political commentator, registered conservative. i don't want to put you no a position to be political. here is what i see that bothers me. you've been a long-time on server, bergdahl served with honor and distinction, the va. i look at benghazi, spontaneous demonstration where they happen to have rpgs based on youtube video. it changed from two days prior. health care, keeping your plan, keeping your doctor, saving money. is there a level of dishonesty here? jonathan says this president is the person he is governing the way president nixon would have liked to govern. what is your reaction based on your observation all the years
7:36 pm
in washington? >> sean, let me put it this way, a piece with the national journal sited a number, not just one or two but several democrats, anonymous for this piece but they expressed real frustration that enough is enough on the communication side of this add mng about scandals and situations and major policy rollouts that have not worked, and in this piece, by ron, he essentially, these democrats essentially say that they are fed up. they are not dealing with the white house that effectively on capitol hill. i think you ran the political football sound byte. they pointed to where political football is their favorite phrase but basically, there is trust ration on the democratic side with how this is all happening. >> the president likes to
7:37 pm
portray himself being above the pray but say they have a plan for dirty air and water and when a paul ryan look alike is growing gron knee over the cliff. he seems to accept it from his side. is there a double standard? >> sure, listen. there are lawmakers that charge today, the student loan rollout was really a political marker because he signs an executive action, executive order that really won't go into effect for 18 months, december of 2015. it was really an effort to turn the page and talk about something else, a piece of legislation that will likely not go forward on capitol hill because of concerns of how much it costs. >> does it matter. johnny was on the program, does it matter somebody on the left of his stature, law professor, solid democrat says we're at a
7:38 pm
constitutional tipping point, does that begin to matter when somebody from the left really takes issue with for example the president saying in his state of the union address we'll go at it alone? >> it matters. how much it factors into these races and how much it gets absorbed into the american public, i think is yet to be scene. i'll say you're seeing polls across the board, across the country that suggest there is more and more angst on a host of issues and sh this is having more effect. >> i had the privilege of meeting your wife and going to dinner with you and your wife and kids and it was a special moment and in part because you had been through so much as a family and you were very open and you told me at the time you would be writing this book and i
7:39 pm
got to tell you, your kids are great. give us a look into where this book comes from. >> from my son's three open heart surgeries and more. he was bouncing off the wall and playing with your kids and sweating. >> he's a great kid. >> i wrote it to try to inspire folks and also raise awareness about congenital heart defects but it's how we got through our tough times. we just finished a book signing tour around the country, eight cities in six days and amy and i were so struck by families coming to those signings and telling us their stories. father's still wearing hospital bands as they are waiting for their season or daughter to have surgery of one kind or another and breaking down and telling us that. it's -- it was really heartening sgh well, what was really inspiring to me and i speak out
7:40 pm
of friendship here, your ability, you're strength to handle that as a parent is probably the hardest thing to handle and the book was terrific. i wish you the best. >> thank you. coming up next tonight here on "hannity." >> do you play basketball? >> yes, sir. >> are you any good? >> i think i can beat you. >> in what? >> one on one. >> bull crap. we ain't going to do one on one. i'm not going to get sweaty. >> the match the world has to see. ahead on down to the headquarters of duck commander and visit with willy robinson. you want to dvr this. ben will join us tonight, the case against barack obama. we'll explain straight ahead. they lived ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived.
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welcome back to "hannity." the season of the hit a&e series "duck dynasty" starts and i got a chance to head to west monroe, louisiana and spend the day with stars of the show. we'll show you parts out trip starting with my exclusive behind the scenes tour of the duck commander headquarters
7:46 pm
quart see of t courtesy of the ceo. 15 million viewers in cable, nobody gets those numbers. why so successful? >> family value s. we've got the kid. they watch it because they know there is not a lot of garbage. it's hard to be funny. it's got a funny combination. >> is it jace or uncle sy. >> sy and that's what makes it unique. the family dynamics and the story and see what is there. i don't think anybody is trying to be funny. it just comes out funny. it's not like -- but there is a natural, you know, with me and
7:47 pm
jace and i think people as siblings have that, grow up like that, fight, work together. he's my older brother. he doesn't want to listen to his younger brother. >> how did you become the ceo? >> because i'm smart -- >> [ laughter ] >> he's going to love this. >> i don't know. i think at this point you have to have the desire and jace, obviously, look at him on the show, the desire wasn't there to run it and do it. he really wants to hunt and be in the woods. he doesn't mind working. he works. >> let's see what we have going on out here. is that him working? >> guys -- >> they should be. >> wow, shocker. >> where are they? you got to finish one here? >> there we go. >> no? >> no. >> phil taught you. >> phil taught me, got to use your tongue. >> that's an aggressive -- you
7:48 pm
don't have to put your mouth on it, just your lip -- [ laughter ] >> look like you were eating a pop cycle. [ laughter ] >> that's the sound. that's all that matters. >> it's a juvenile duck that doesn't quite -- like -- >> like a mating call? >> like a baby trying to make words. >> how is that? >> not so loud. not so loud. >> so here is a funny story. one day i call your brother jace. he's out with your dad. we talk about stuff. we become friends. he talks a lot about you. every two minutes he would go hang on, hang on, you would hear this bam. that was the conversation. how many duck calls do you sell a year? >> last year we sold over a million calls. we have more people that make
7:49 pm
duck calls, too. we still make them here. with the show a lot of people buy them. i have another room that has people in it that literally work eight hours a day. >> uncle sy sitting over there. >> you know -- >> jace is here. >> but jace has to teach all the new guys how to make -- you know, the technical as speblpea it's like musical instrument. you have volumes, tones. >> how did your father start this? 40 years ago? >> he wanted his duck call to sound just like a duck. >> i watch the show a lot and they always play basketball. where is the hoop? >> it's out there. >> it's out there? >> i'll probably hit the basketball. >> i see on the show more times you tell people to stop playing. >> every once in awhile i come back here to shoot -- >> to unwind. >> whenever -- yeah. do you play basketball? >> yes, sir. >> are you any good? >> i think i could beat you. >> in what?
7:50 pm
>> one on one. >> oh, bull, crap, we ain't going to do one on one. i'm not going to get sweaty over this. we'll play horse, fox. >> fox. >> ready? >> go ahead. >> what do i get? >> one handed. >> hey, you got to shoot. you're noted lay up? that is all you've got? oh, boy. that is all i got. >> all right. >> that is so easy. >> you can't go up. you've got to go up. >> this is the only time of my career i go left. right here. >> see how he goes left. hey. going right in. >> i always knew -- >> that is righthanded. what are you talking about? >> you're saying dribble and? >> you're up on your left, aren't you? >> that is true. >> all right, left boy.
7:51 pm
ready? thank you. >> free shots on my own court. see? i don't come back to -- now, you know that i work. you see? >> come back here, playing basketball. >> willy has to work on his jump shot. and his lay up. coming up next right here on "hannity" >> we came out of the white house in debt. had no money when we got there. we struggled. >> poor hillary. wait until you hear the former secretary of state is claiming in an effort to sell a brand new book, tonight on "hannity". ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ don't stop now, come on mony ♪ come on, yeah ♪ i say yeah ♪ yeah ♪ yeah ♪ yeah ♪ yeah ♪ yeah ♪ yeah ♪ 'cause you make me feel
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>> it's been reported you've made $5 million, the president made over $100 million? >> well, if you have no reason to remember, but we came out of
7:57 pm
the white house not only dead broke, but in debt. we had no money when we got there, we struggled to piece together mortgages or chelsea's education. it was not easy. >> poor hillary talking about her and bill's financial situation when they left the white house. broke my heart. she forgot she got nearly half a million dollars while her husband was in the white house you're a lawyer, a smart lawyer, went to harvard. smart guy. and has a radio show in the mornings in los angeles the people versus barack obama. is there a criminal case? >> absolutely. okay. so there are multiple charges everything from benghazi, which there are violations of the espionage act to irs, violation
7:58 pm
of irs law, to witness tampering on multiple counts. there are tons of charges can be brought against obama administration but i'm arguing this is a criminal enterprise like the mafia. president obama never has to give a direct order e he let's his minions do whatever he wants this, is why the rico act was adopted. that would meaneric holder would have to do something. >> yes. i agree with you that we're in a tipping point. they enforce only laws they want. they change laws at will. this president, more than any other president has violated that separation of powers. are the republicans too timid to fight them? >> yes. yes. i mean this is -- impeachment is not on the table. i'm calling for a revision of law under rico, not just doj can
7:59 pm
prosecute somebody. there are things called civil laws you can file a civil lawsuit. you're deemed under the supreme court's law a private attorney general, we need to extend that to the executive branch so people can go after members of the executive branch. >> rinz don't have the stomach to do this. you know and i know they're timid and think they're walking into 2014. >> i agree with you they are timid. this plan would force actual accountability on them if they're to impeach barack obama. then, if civilians decide to sue the president of the united states, they sue the president of the united states. the problem we have here is that no one wants to be held accountable for holding the president accountable. if barack obama strangled someone on national television there would be no prosecution of him. because you'd have to impeachment then convict him in the senate to get a-to-a
8:00 pm
prosecution. >> all the best to brian and alicia. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for being with us let not your heart be troubled we'll be back here tomorrow night. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> it was our judgment, based on the information that you had, that his life, his health were peril. >> that turned out not to be the case. at least according to doctors examining sergeant bowe bergdahl in germany. we will will continue our reporting on this very troubling situation. >> thank you bill o'reilly for demonstrating how to conduct a smear campaign against the military family. >> the far left getting desperate now. trying to deflect attention away from the president's order to release five taliban war criminals from guantanamo bay we will tell you what this is all about. >> people have called him a traitor. do you think bo bergdahl was a traitor. >> traveling to bergdahl's